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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 716 abashed conscious
“Hehehehe . . . Right now, you’ll kneel twice in events . ” Viewing Hao Ren and Su Han considering one another, Zhen Yuan Zi went on and laughed .
“Zhen Yuan Immortal, it’s an honor that I can’t take . You, Zhen Yuan Immortal, are usually in exactly the same get ranked when the Three Real Versions and the Four Emperors, and I don’t dare to be such witness . “
The little demon queen whom he grew to become siblings with many thousands of years previously possessed now become the No . 1 Excel at within the Divine Realm, and Zhen Yuan Zi asked yourself what kingdom Hao Ren could get to .
Regarding his seniority and backdrop, he was on par with Qiu Niu!
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“Mature . . . “
Abruptly, a melodious sound unexpectedly came up externally from the island .
When Hao Ren broke the Seven Killing Range, Zhen Yuan Zi’s hope for him possessed tripled . He possessed want to delay until Hao Ren attained the Divine Dragon World to ascertain when the latter was the important thing physique during this Divine Dao’s change, even so the time got sooner than organized .
Due to ever-increasing number of mortals, the nature essence on area started to be scarcer, as well as highly effective cultivators acquired relocated to the Demon Sea as hermits whilst the big cultivation sects shifted onto 5th Heaven .
In terms of his seniority and back ground, he was on par with Qiu Niu!
Although their become an expert in acted modestly before other cultivators, he didn’t really need to lower himself of this nature!
“I didn’t count on this child to start to be very important . . . From now on, the lot of money worldwide is likely to slim toward him . . . ” Young lady Zhen imagined .
“With the regular frame of mind, you might achieve the Divine Dragon Realm at some point . Besides, I’m only at the Soul Formation Kingdom, and there’s not much difference between us . ” Zhen Yuan Zi viewed Hao Ren that has a grin while stroking his beard .
“The value cauldron gathers the auspicious light up and condenses . . . “
From her standpoint, it absolutely was a terrific and exceptional opportunity for Hao Ren to start to be brothers with Zhen Yuan Zi, the first choice on the Earthly Immortals .
Since Hao Ren experienced turn into brothers with Zhen Yuan Zi, she had to be much more watchful with Hao Ren . Nevertheless, it wasn’t bad for her considering that Hao Ren were built with a great associations.h.i.+p with her .
All of a sudden, a melodious voice unexpectedly originated from the outside in the island .
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Irrespective of this, Su Han still couldn’t believe that Zhen Yuan Immortal, who experienced a increased rank when compared to the Princess Mom of the To the west, want to end up blood vessels brothers with Hao Ren .
“Farewell . I’ll occur and stop by all over again . ” A white colored feather showed up beneath Young lady Zhen’s ft . to back up her, and Hao Ren and Su Han then flew toward the route in the deeply seashore with her .
When it comes to his seniority and background, he was comparable to Qiu Niu!
Seeing the look of Girl Zhen, both children who are standing behind Zhen Yuan Zi retreated towards the length because a meeting on a real level didn’t require them all around .
“Mature, your condition is way too higher personally . In addition to, I’ve received a lot of your aid and kindness, and it’s not ideal for me to visit beyond and stand beside you!” Hao Ren regained his composure quickly and claimed quickly .
Along with her practical experience as an long lasting demon king, she possessed a vague idea about the importance of this ceremony .
A wonderful town as successful as Chang’an in the Tang Dynasty shown up before Hao Ren and Su Han!
As she looked over Zhen Yuan Zi, Lady Zhen was muted for a couple a few moments before nodding which has a grave phrase . “I got it . “
“Not at all . I have been developing a great chat with the two of these, and so i liked them the instant I attained them,” Zhen Yuan Zi waved his arm and said graciously .
Together with her working experience just as one eternal demon ruler, she got a inexplicable idea about the value of this wedding ceremony .
Instantly, Zhen Yuan Zi and Hao Ren kneeled and kowtowed toward the browse triple .
Because of this place because the facility, Young lady Zhen directly handled a region that had been quite a few thousand kilometers to the eastern side and western and thousands of kilometers on the north and to the south!
That has a flash of fantastic lightweight, the scroll rolled up and disappeared .
All of a sudden, a melodious speech unexpectedly came externally from the area .
Hao Ren believed that even 60 Soul Growth Kingdom cultivators couldn’t conquer Zhen Yuan Zi!
When Zhen Yuan Zi didn’t speak, Girl Zhen inquired, “Will there be anything a lot more you want to say to us?”
Hao Ren possessed just completed consuming the 10,000-12 months-ancient Immortal Fruits and was still wiping his mouth in reference to his palm . Seeing and hearing Zhen Yuan Zi’s terms, Hao Ren stared at him in astonishment too .
“Ugh . . . “

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