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NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2190 – A Thousand Years in a Blink cap longing
All of a sudden, Yue Mengli’s whole body trembled, looking fixedly at Ye Yuan’s view.
Not long after, that shield came to the courier status and located Ye Yuan.
Time failed to use away his sensations but designed longing converge in to a water rather.
Right after the tantrum, Li-er lay for the dinner table, sobbing her center out.
Ye Yuan’s center shook wildly as he listened to that.
Yue Mengli’s brows furrowed, and she reproached, “You this fellow, deliberately showing off in front of me could it be?”
Dual Cultivation
Ever since the Dragon Clan was controlling the abyss s.p.a.ce, it established that that area was the one pa.s.sageway.
A city, courier station, guards, they were not things that a competition similar to the abyss monsters can have.
Mosius delivered him into the courier station. Monstrous surf surged in Ye Yuan’s center.
“Your Excellency, this lowly an individual has a method to coax that human Divine Little girl to cheer up,” Ye Yuan said to the safeguard.
The fragile had been victim plus the powerful feasts and also the robust made it through!
Then what was the sale on this place?
Accomplished discussing, Manya taken Ye Yuan and found a rock house.
The shield was undertaken aback and explained, “You really have a way? The Divine Child kicks up a row every day about looking to return to the human race. It’s no use regardless of how Lord Manya persuades her. His go is almost exploding! For those who have a way, that can be a primary achievements.”
The safeguard reported coolly, “Lord Manya is now attempting to cheer the Divine Little princess up. I’m frightened that he or she doesn’t have plenty of time in order to meet you. You visit the courier station to relax very first and await summons.”
The time Manya left behind, Yue Mengli’s gaze checked out Ye Yuan somewhat hazy as she said, “The look in your vision … is much like a classic pal of mine!”
Ye Yuan chuckled and mentioned, “What else can there be? These were naturally forwarded preparing by Lord Mosius.”
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Web Novel KR)
He had not been fearful of Ye Yuan carrying Yue Mengli and operating away often. In the end, the rules right here ended up put downwards from Lord Nineorigin.
Mosius delivered him on the courier station. Monstrous surf surged in Ye Yuan’s cardiovascular.
The Armourer’s Prentices
One particular look was satisfactory between him and Li-er!
There were many checkpoints they had to pa.s.s by means of. Both persons finally reached a little-degree metropolis.
Manya provided Ye Yuan a style, Ye Yuan bought the that means and moved a number of steps frontward, bowing because he explained, “Lord Divine Child, this lowly a single has best part about it to share with you.”
The boundless rage abruptly has become tranquility.
For quite a while, many questions and suspicions lingered in Ye Yuan’s heart.
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But the terms sounded just like the most relocating honeyed words and phrases in Ye Yuan’s the ears.
The guard smiled and explained, “You still don’t know? It’s that human being woman who had been captured! Fantastic Sage Nineorigin declared that she’s the Divine Race’s Divine Little princess and is intended to be sent to the Abyss Society. Normally … how do she possibly survive so far?”
These limits, Ye Yuan actually obtained never viewed them before. People were very significant.
Yue Mengli’s response was swift, her pretty face converting chilly as she said, “What great news, say!”
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But who knew that Yue Mengli waved her palm and thought to Manya, “Forget it, you take out 1st! Considering the fact that there’s that side’s reports, I wish to perceive him say.”
Mosius was used aback and claimed, “Divine Little princess? What Divine Little girl?”
“Sniff, sniff
So long as this ancestor ceased kicking up a row, all can be good and right while using community.
Yue Mengli instantly exploded and roared angrily, “I don’t need to hear any good reports! You will get dropped personally! You unappealing other, scram in my situation!”

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